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Contact Lens Exams

At Powers Eye Center, we are your contact lens specialists!

Eye exams for contact lenses include special tests that are not performed in regular eye glass exams. A prescription for contact lenses usually requires adjustments in power that differs from an eyeglass prescription, as well as accurate eye shape measurements, assessment of tears, eyelids, ocular surface conditions and other factors.

At Powers Eye Center we offer advanced contact lens fittings with the latest digital technology for eye shape measurements, prescription power determination, and inspection of ocular health.

We have a very large selection of contacts lenses in stock including products from the major contact lens manufacturers such as:

  • Acuvue
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Cooper Vision
  • Alcon

We also specialize in hard to fit contacts and offer revolutionary scleral lenses to patients with the most complex of eye and vision problems. Contact lens eye exams can be scheduled 24 hours a day using our online scheduler. Let us help you discover your personal favorites.

What To Expect

Our contact lens exam includes measurement of eye shape using a digital corneal topographer instead of the old fashioned less accurate keratometer that is still used in many offices. This high precision digital measurement more fully characterizes eye shape measuring up to 22,000 points of curvature per eye. This helps determine the most optimal size and type of contacts for your individual eyes and vision. Most patients are able to wear contact lenses home the day of their initial visit.

If you are new to the type of contacts you take home, a follow-up visit a few days later may be scheduled to make sure you are seeing clearly, feeling comfortable and happy with your new lenses.

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